The South Dakota Bandmaster’s will be holding their 8th Summer Symposium on July 20th, 2019 at Chamberlain High School. Highlighting the event will be Texas band directing legend, Paula Crider. Her appearance is made possible by the Conn/Selmer education division and SDBA. When SDBA member Helen Mogen was informed of Paula’s agreement to appear, Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser responded “There isn’t anyone better than Paula. She is a walking library of great band information. People will love her.” Richard Saucedo echoed Dr. Tim by stating, “Paula is my hero”.  We look forward to the opportunity to work with Ms. Crider.

SDBA will continue the practice of addressing pertinent educational topics. If you have been frustrated by snow days, Mary Cogswell will present Digital Delivery and Diagnosing Beginning Band Problems.  Ryan Stahle will help you get students ready for the SD All State Jazz audition. Speaking of Jazz, wouldn’t it be nice to have students proficient on set and bass?  What does your bass player do when there are no notes and just Bb7 above the bar line? Jordan Seidel will give you ideas on getting students started  on set and Jimmie Reed will help you with bass. Both gentlemen will give you ‘hands on’ applications. Jimmie says, “BYOB” ( Bring your own Bass) or guitar and Jordan wants you to be prepared for some ‘air drumming’. We will also have information from the SDBA Midwest scholarship recipient Tessa Belgum and Dr. Wadley from USD will inform you of a new opportunity to improve your percussion equipment.

Thanks to a generous gift from the South Dakota Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, this event and lunch are free.  All that we ask is you bring a few scores of proven winners with your band and register on the SDBA website. We are always looking for music, so any genre is fine. Just plainly mark the scores so you get them back.


10:00 – Greetings & Introductions

10:15 – Dr. Paula Crider

12:00 – Lunch

12:30 – Ryan Stahle – All State Jazz Audition Process/Dr. Crider- Let’s talk Band ( Attendees will be split)

1:30 – Jimmy Reed and Jordan Seidel – Bass and Drum Set/Dr. Crider- Let’s talk Band ( Attendees will be split)

2:30 – Dr. Darin Wadley – Percussion Maintenance Opportunity

2:45 – Tessa Belgum – Midwest Young Band Recap

3:00 – Mary Cogswell – Digital Delivery

3:45 – Wrap up

SDBA Summer Symposium Registration


Available for credit through Northern State University

1 Credit – $40

Tentative Course Schedule
The tentative schedule for this course is outlined below. Please note the instructor reserves the right to modify the schedule at any time.

DATE TOPIC Assignment
July 20

8 hours

Presentation topics Notes submitted from clinician presentations
July 21 – Aug. 15

7 hours

Meeting with mentor and project development Mentor supervised Project submitted

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